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>> we are tool makers, agriculturists, pioneers. and that is reflected in the activities and the actions and results of tonight. >> that's pretty good. that is now six spacecraft that the united states has on or around mars. that's a very good batting average considering the world has a 40% landing rate. curiosity has at least a two-year mission in the gail crater. here is a tidbit we learned about the other day, you know the wheels? you may have taken a close up look at the wheels. there is a strange little pattern on those wheels. it is morse code for jpl, jet propulsion laboratory. every time it rolls across the surface it will be writing jet propulsion laboratory on mars. you may think of it as the first graw fooy tee -- graffiti on mars. >> thank you very much, wayne.
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now to the deadly shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. the fbi is treating the attack as a domestic terrorism case. authorities say local sikhs were gathering for sunday service when a man walked into the temple and started shooting. the gunman took the lives of six people before being killed by a police officer. that officer was wounded along with three others. >> this is a big tragedy for our church, a church we felt this was a safe place. we never thought this could happen in my church. >> police are now investigating the suspect's home which is located near the temple. >> and right now richmond police are on the scene of a fatal shooting on west mcdonald avenue near first street. officers were called there a little after 9 oocht 30 p.m. police say one person was shot to death. a second person was injured, but his injuries are nonlife-threatening. some developing news out of the south bay. san jose police are investigating a double shooting on the 600 block of
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south white road. this happened around 8:30. an adult male and teenage boy were hurt, but neither is life-threatening, and they believe the shooting is gang-related. well, the superman ride at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is back up again. it was on a week hiatus after stranding customers at the top of the ride. this morning the ride stalled again, but just for 20 minutes. park officials say they have figured out the problem, and it should not cause anymore problems. meteorologist leigh glaser standing by, and they have some decent weather to be stranded for a few minutes. >> i guess so. a little more sunshine today. folks let me get you out the darr tomorrow morning. out the door tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog. but the temperatures will start to warm up nicely by noontime. look are to the upper -- look for the upper 50s near the coast and 80s inland. by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon low 90s in extreme east bay
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communities and mid to low 60s at the coast. and then we will start to bring the temperatures down around 7:00. here is a look at the highs. 90 cloverdale. 78 for san rafael. sunshine san francisco 66. the peninsula in the midto upper 70s. near 90 for antioch. livermore 89. 81 for san jose. and we will look for 85 for morgan hill. watsonville will climb to 73 degrees. a little warmer tomorrow with more sunshine. 72 for salinas. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, comfortable, not so comfortable on tuesday and wednesday as we start to warm up of the check out thursday, friday and saturday. inland locations near 100 degrees. 90s around the bay. 70s at the coast. if you want some heat relief, head to the coast. that would be mice advice. >> good advice. rick quan is in for shu. the big m complaints of the giants is they don't have the bats. >> 35 runs in three games, not
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too shabby. the giants are headed to st. louis and riding a three-game win streak. tim lincecum allowed one run in six innings. he gets some defense help. and then cabrera guns him down with a strong throw to hector sanchez. penz had a pair of doubles and three r.b.i in the fifth. he drives in cabrera to make it 4-1. 8-3 was the final. the giants still lead the dodgers by a half game in the west. at the coliseum, the as settled for a four-game split. they rallied for the deficit. it is his 29th homer of the season. and then in the fifth, toronto takes the lead. escobar brings in two with his bases loaded single. the a's lose it 6-5. tomorrow they host the angels. and that's a quick look at sports. >> thank you, rick of the. and that concludes another broadcast of abc7 news. i'm alan wang. for leigh and rick, abc news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks a lot. good night, everyone.
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